The MCS (Manufacturing Cell Software) is a specific equipment control software running under industrial Windows or custom-built Linux operating system, its main task is to communicate with hardware modules in order to orchestrate a recipe execution and material transfer within a semiconductor manufacturing equipment cell.

The manufacturing cell is a stand-alone confined production equipment environment in a semiconductor factory (Fab) having own material handling subsystem (robotic manipulator) and material in-out devices (loadports). The concept is well defined in the E- series of standards supported by the organization. The control software is responsible for safe coordination of the subordinate hardware to allow material into the cell, perform a production or testing operations on the material and safely transfer the material out of the cell.

MCS is responsible for maintaining the communication with factory-floor control computer (FabHost) using standard set of binary messages defined in SEMI E5 SECS-II and subsequent functional standards (E30 GEM, E40 PMS, E87 CMS, E90 STS, E94 CJM). The software also provides graphical user interface HMI – operator console for local commands by factory floor operator.

MCS is highly configurable and extensible, it is designed to support different types of process modules and control devices. All data and diagnostic information is recorded on a local file system. Remote telemetry and assistance is an available option.